12 Segundos (2013)

Director: Kenneth Muller
Writer: Enrique Cruz
Stars: Flor Payán, David Medel, Mario Zaragoza

An unusual little film which at times loses direction, possibly due to editing or lack of attention from the director. It starts off interestingly enough and soon develops into mystery land as our lead character Selma (Payán) runs off to the wilderness to look for her boss (Zeni). After meeting a couple of locals and some car troubles she finally finds her way to the cabin where her boss and his wife (Nichols) were staying. Now this is where the film takes some interesting turns. Here she bumps into the wilderness hermit Mateo (Zaragoza). Did he murder them…or did he not?

Selma then runs into the slightly zany explorer Luis (played convincingly enough by Medel) and he agrees to help her…or does he? Is the old hermit chasing them…or is he not? From here the film goes off into a different tangent. Is it a thriller, a murder mystery, a whodunit? Not sure what the director was after, but it just about works. Some bad editing and one major continuity flaw let the film down but overall it moves along interestingly enough.

Until we get to the big reveal and the last part of the film. From here it all goes wrong (and you should really see it coming) in my opinion and lets the rest of the film down. The last ten to fifteen minutes really seem rushed and forced, as if they ran out of ideas.

Production values are reasonable and the film is shot quite well in a nice location. Acting as just about above par though in all fairness, the actors don’t have to do a great deal. Overall not a bad little film, but nothing to go out of your way for.


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