Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie (2016)

Director: Mandie Fletcher
Writer: Jennifer Saunders (screenplay)
Stars: Jennifer Saunders, Joanna Lumley, Jane Horrocks

Patsy and Edina are back as our two favourite alcoholic sex-starved wannabe high rollers. If you were a fan of the old series on British television then you are you sure to find this return memorable and fun with plenty of crude laughs. If you have never seen the series and/or are not from the Uk then I can see why a lot of the humour would fall flat. It is very English darlings.

As the film starts we see the two darlings crashing a fashion parade and then the subsequent after-party. Edina is a still a designer of some sorts it would seem but Patsy is broke and doing her best (unsuccessful) to secure a book deal about her life (which isn’t terribly interesting). As luck would have it Patsy hears on the grapevine that Kate Moss is looking to change her public relations manager and naturally, Patsy wants in on the action. Unfortunately at a party this all goes horribly wrong as tragedy strikes.

All the old gang are back for this TV spin-off movie including June Whitfield as Patsy’s long-suffering mother, Julia Sawalha as Patsy’s even longer suffering daughter and Jane Horrocks as the cute but incredibly odd Bubbles. Add in the likes of Kate Moss, Graham Norton and Kathy Burke and you basically just have a feature length TV episode of sorts. Still both drunk as hell, Edina is still a sex maniac (and crude with it) and poor Saffy still hates them both.

I’ve never personally been a huge fan of Saunders work, but I do love Joanna Lumley and feel she made the original series. She doesn’t disappoint here either and I still think her character and acting is twice as funny as she comes across very prim and proper normally. The script is very sharp as you would expect and at no point did I feel it ran for too long (considering it’s a spin-off). Production values are good and at no time does the film particularly lag or struggle with pacing. The two darlings just go from crazy adventure to the next.

With an all-star cast of British TV talent along with international celebrities there is something for everyone in this comedy, but unfortunately I can see it only being a success on home shores. Overall if you like your comedy a little more on the crass side and were a fan of the series, then give this one a try darlings. It’s simply fabulous.


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