Captivity (2007)

Director: Roland Joffé
Writers: Larry Cohen (screenplay), Joseph Tura (screenplay)
Stars: Elisha Cuthbert, Daniel Gillies, Pruitt Taylor Vince

Elisha Cuthbert plays Jennifer, a famous and high end fashion model and cover girl. Jenifer appears to be living the life but she has the uneasy feeling that someone or something is watching and following her. After having her drink spiked and feeling unwell at a club, she comes out of the toilets to notice a video camera has been set up in the hall. The camera is watching her. She is then abducted and awakes in a room with no visible exit.

Jennifer is then subjected to a number of mind tricks as well the threat of physical torture (we already see what has happened to one such previous captive). The mind torture continues by our unknown perpetrator as Jennifer pleads her innocence. Then one day she realises she is not alone and that someone else is in a cell next to hers.

This is basically a pretty formulaic locked up and tortured flick. Elisha Cuthbert has had her acting abilities questioned on a number of occasions and this time is no different. Though I personally thought she played the dumb shallow blonde quite well. Some of the things she does and says are a little daft, but I guess these could fit into the character.

I think the main problem here is that overall it’s just not that great a film. It also does not help that what was once originally supposed to be a more suspenseful thriller for the European market eventually turned out to be more of a gory torture porn outing for North America (which this review is based on). Numerous scenes were shot to be added in or re-shot for the different market. The continuity is all over the place. Having said that, the audio and photography are reasonable and the film has a grimy grim quality to it.

The story is your usual stuff and is just about passable until the last ten minutes where if the film was not believable before, it sure goes out of the window then. From the writer of Cellular and Phone Booth you should know what to expect. Joffé on the other hand, what happened after directing such films as The Killing Fields and The Mission in the eighties? To sum up, neither a good torture porn flick or a suspenseful thriller, but something around the middle. Gillies (Vampire Diaries, Originals) is always worth watching but there are much better offerings out there.


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