Catarina and the Others (Catarina e os Outros) (2011)

Director: André Badalo

Stars: Victória Guerra, Arminda Badalo, Rui Porto Nunes

Short film (15 minutes) that follows Caterina (Guerra) in the events after finding out she is HIV Positive. For reasons not told to us, Caterina decides to go on an all out unprotected sex spree to infect as many other people as possible. This includes boys, old men and even women.

This is a very powerful and thought provoking short about the consequences of unprotected sex (especially with the younger generation).  Guerra plays her part exceptionally well in my opinion as a woman who has given up. She is emotionless, haunting, troubled, betrayed even and seems to have lost all hope. For a short, the audio is good with a good score and for the most part (for a short) is reasonably well acted.

There is a twist at the end which I will leave for you to see.  Maybe not to everyone’s taste, but for 15 minutes of your time it is well worth a watch.


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