Confucius (Kong Zi) (2010)

Director: Mei Hu
Writers: Khan Chan, Qitao Jiang, Yanjiang He, Mei Hu
Stars: Yun-Fat Chow, Xun Zhou, Jianbin Chen

Historical Chinese drama.  You either like these or you don’t, there’s not much middle ground here.  Personally I like this kind of film, though can understand why many would find the film slow and drawn out.  Chow Yun-Fat is his usual charismatic self and lends a lot of weight to the film.

We follow Kong Zi (Yun-Fat) from his days of early teachings, his rise through the military ranks as an advisor and then as an outcast wandering the land struggling to survive with his followers, before finally returning home and being accepted.  The film does borrow some scenes from other films and can be quite slow at times, but overall it keeps your interest.

Beautiful cinematography, score and good acting elevate the film over some other docu-dramas.  As for historical accuracy, a lot seems to be on point, but as always with a film like this, I’m sure there is also plenty of embellishment.  With that all said, still an interesting insight into the life and teachings of the Great Sage.


The Sage’s Rating:

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