Cooties (2014)

Directors: Jonathan Milott, Cary Murnion
Writers: Leigh Whannell, Ian Brennan
Stars: Elijah Wood, Rainn Wilson, Alison Pill

Cooties is a fun-filled action packed zombie spoof. And to make matters worse (or more fun), the zombies are kids. This allows for much fun and conversation as while trying to kill our heroes, they are still…well…kids after all. The lines do get blurred at times though as to what is an acceptable thing to do to a child and there is some slight concern over this, but ultimately the slapstick humour doesn’t make anyone dwell on this subject.

We open to a chicken farm which is not terribly hygienic even by the lowest standards. In fact quite frankly the place looks like it needs shutting down. Some of this chicken happens to be infected and yup you guessed it, it eventually makes its way to the local community, specifically to the school. All it would take would be for one sweet, innocent child to eat it…and well you can figure out where all this going I’m sure.

Frodo..or Clint in this case (Wood) is starting his first day as a substitute teacher at the said local school. We later find out he went to the very same school as a pupil years ago. This seems to be run by the trippy hippy vice principal Simms. The school is filled with an odd assortment of teachers, including Clint’s old flame Lucy (Pill). Unfortunately her new boyfriend Wade (brilliantly over-played by Wilson) also teaches there. Throw in a stoner crossing guard and you get the general idea. Word! Naturally it doesn’t take long for the kids to start snacking on their peers during lunch break.

This is an incredibly silly, tongue-in-cheek and completely politically incorrect film with lots of references to other films. There are some simply stunning one-liners littered throughout and overall the script is pretty good and keeps you chuckling along. The effects are also reasonably good here and everyone acts well enough to be believable. Production values as a whole are high and there is not really much to gripe about at all. If anything it would be the open ending, but you’d be clutching at straws to really call it a fault.

Overall this is a cracking little horror/comedy with a fantastic cast. With nods to how we consume food and what you can and can not get away with when it comes dispatching with the little annoying small people in your life, when taken as a fun, not so serious flick where you leave your brain at the door then this hits all the right spots. Highly recommended for fans of this genre.


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