Doghouse (2009)

Director: Jake West
Writer: Dan Schaffer
Stars: Danny Dyer, Noel Clarke, Emil Marwa

I’ll be the first to admit I can’t stand Danny Dyer, and usually watch his films for the laugh and to see how bad they were. Imagine my surprise when Doghouse actually turned out to be a half-decent little horror/comedy. Nothing along the lines of Shaun of the Dead or Cockney’s vs Zombies but a fun little film nonetheless. Just the right amount of comedy, blood and run-time to make this an interesting and enjoyable watch.

Six friends organise a trip away to a village called Moodley for a weekend of drinking, in order to cheer up their friend after a divorce. He is a broken man and they feel that he needs to get back out there and start living his life again. And they are just the kind of friends to help him do that. We see each one of them in turn and also see that their wives and girlfriends are not too keen on this boys trip. When the minibus arrives to pick them up Neil (Dyer) soon starts hitting on the driver Candy (Cole) and things swiftly head downhill after that.

Upon entering the village of Moodley the lads soon realise that something is not quite right. For a start the place is deathly quiet with a distinct lack of other people. It does not take long before they find out that the entire village comprises of man-hating zombie women, and our lads are next on the menu. What follows is a rather farcical tale of the friends trying to survive and escape the village.

Dominatrix’s, bored housewives, a stripper and various other assorted crazy killer women are out for their blood. The whole film is very slapstick and over the top but I feel this works well for this kind of film. Add in some funny one-liners and reasonably good performances from the entire cast and this is a watchable and enjoyable film if not exactly a good film.

Production values seem quite good for a low budget Indie film and everything from the sound quality to lighting to the audio is all above average from what you would normally expect. Not the greatest film in this genre (it is a Dyer film after all) but one to watch, enjoy and then forget. Fans of Danny are sure to enjoy.


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