Hard to Kill (1990)

Director: Bruce Malmuth
Writer: Steven McKay
Stars: Steven Seagal, Kelly LeBrock, William Sadler

Seagal plays Mason Storm, a one man wrecking army of a cop who gets the job done. He is secretly taping senator Vernon Trent (Sadler) doing some dodgy dealings with a bunch of bad guys. Back at home, said dodgy guys have figured out who the cop was and blow him away along with his family. This sets up the rest of the film, which is then the usual good guy works to get fitter, tracks down the bad guys, dispatches said bad guys in a variety of ways. Pretty formulaic 80’s and 90’s action stuff.

Whilst Storm is in hospital, we are introduced to the nurse Andy Stewart (the lovely LeBrock) who helps him escape. Storms old Lt. makes an appearance to help with information. Cue lots of self-healing and meditation scenes along with shots of Storm recovering from his extended hospital stay. From here it all gets very predictable, with the impenetrable Seagal running around dispatching the bad guys. I always loved this when it first came out, and is by far and away my favourite Seagal film (not hard I know given some of the turkeys he has made).

Seagal is his usual moody self, LeBrock (who only got the part as she was married to Seagal at the time) is passable, more for eye candy than anything I suspect and Sadler is great as usual, although he does not have anywhere near enough screen time. Your usual kick ass stuff, but a good one at the time given the number of action stars and flicks that were around back then.


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