Humanoids from the Deep (1980)

Directors: Barbara Peeters, Jimmy T. Murakami (uncredited)
Stars: Doug McClure, Ann Turkel, Vic Morrow

From the possible king of B-Movie sleaze (though he only produced this title) comes a fun filled, schlocky sleaze-fest of campy bad acting fun. It’s hard to believe that this eighties piece of exploitative trash was directed by a woman. Until you understand that Roger Corman got a second director in to film the more sleazy sections. And of course, it wouldn’t be a Corman movie if he then didn’t add even more sleaze in post-production (which can be seen on the Blu-ray deleted scenes section). A classic of the era if ever there was one.

Everybody’s favourite B-movie hack Doug McClure appears here as Jim Hill. Now, if you know your seventies and eighties trash, you should realise long before the action starts that this is going to be gold. Gold in a truly terribly bad way. Anyway, the residents of this unmemorable little fishing village are gearing up for the annual salmon festival (yes, you read that correctly) and there is also a silly little sub-plot regarding some locals (led by the underrated Vic Morrow) who are wanting to remove a local who is opposed to the new cannery that is to be built.

But strange things are afoot in the rivers and waterways. Strange gooey, rubbery things. Dr. Susan Drake (Ann Turkel) arrives at the local town hall to give a speech on how her and her crew of scientist colleagues have been modifying the salmon to gain a bigger and greater yield! Yup folks, the old dastardly scientific experiments are at play again. Teens doing dumb things, adults living in a world of their own, experiments, what could go wrong?

Well this being an eighties Corman flick, pretty much everything. Boyfriends are spliced and diced, nubile teenage girls are ravaged often (maybe it’s salmon breeding season) and generally the town starts to go to hell when the creatures make an appearance while the festival is in full swing. A couple of the creatures even take a liking to McClure’s wife. This is a film that is in no way to be taken seriously at all. The effects are terrible and the acting is even worse.

If you’re a fan of seventies and eighties schlock horror stuff then this won’t disappoint, and will provide numerous unintentional laughs. Good old exploitative, rubbery, slimy and gooey fun all round.


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