Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman (2000)

Director: Michael Cooney
Writer: Michael Cooney
Stars: Christopher Allport, Eileen Seeley, Chip Heller

Jack’s back folks! Some of you may rejoice in glee and probably most of you will groan in despair. Fear not though, I’m doing the review anyway and I’m sure those who loved the first film will love this one too. If you thought the first film was a crazy, cheesy, fun filled, laugh out loud wonder of B-movie madness, you’re sure to find this one even crazier and just as amusing. The killer snowman of fun is back and so are his signature one-liners!

All of our favourite characters are back in this silly sequel, well maybe not all as some were iced and spliced hehe….get it? Iced? Ohhhh (groans). Anyway. Sam Tiler (Allport) reprises his role as local town hero sheriff and he and his wife are off to the Caribbean for a long awaited and deserved holiday (minus son, well we can just forget him, he was annoying anyway right). Meanwhile in some other part of the world, in another time and place, in a laboratory with absolutely no safety precautions or procedures what-so-ever, some bumbling moron manages to accidentally resurrect Jack (if you’ve seen the first, you know what happened to him, wait till you got a load of how he comes back). Did I ever mention the fact these are cheese-fests?

Regardless, Jack comes back and is hell-bent on revenge (again) on that bloody annoying sheriff who seems to be making a habit of spoiling his a killin’ days. Jack (somehow, leave that to your imagination) gets himself off to the sun to wreak havoc on Sam and anyone else who happens to be around (sensing a pattern here folks?). Only Jack really means business this time and is able to stop himself from melting, mostly. I mean c’mon folks, we’re talking about a killer snowman for Christ sakes, you think a talking, murdering snowman would let a little things like the sun and heat get in his way? Of course not! In even more ridiculous set-pieces Jack dispatches with the holidaymakers in even more ridiculous and inventive ways while our intrepid hero’s try to stop him.

There’s really not much more to say about this one apart from the fact this is true low-grade, atrociously bad, cheesy B-movie (maybe even Z-movie) madness. And just like the first film, it’s complete barmy awesomness. Really don’t expect too much here, but what you will find is a camp low budget horror-comedy gem in the same vain as the first film. The filmmakers know it’s bad, the cast know it’s bad and hell we know it’s bad. And that is what it makes truly special and a work of silly art. if you expect too much from these kind of films you are going to end up very disappointed. Go into them, eyes wide open knowing to expect I defy anyone not to laugh and giggle along.

As for the cast, Scott Macdonald returns as the voice of Jack and he does this with aplomb. Given that the majority of his portfolio is voice over work, then this will come as no surprise. Chip Heller returns also as Sheriff Sam’s bungling sidekick deputy and is always worth a laugh or two. Add in Ray Cooney (Michael’s father), David Allan Brooks as the ‘new’ Agent Manners with bit roles for Sean Murphy, Tai Bennett, Jennifer Lyons and the evergreen and truly awesome Ian ‘zombie’ Abercrombe (top marks if you get that reference) then you have a pretty solid cast for this kind of flick. Hell, even the great Doug Jones (Hellboy II, Pan’s Labyrinth) makes an appearance. Now I can tell you guys are impressed right?

Photography is not the greatest and is worse than in the first film but otherwise acceptable. Likewise the score and direction are about on par with the first film. Getting to the script, well this is about as cheesy as they ever come. But it works in this context of purposefully making as bad a film as they possibly could with virtually no budget. How they all managed to keep straight faces while uttering some of this tripe is beyond me. But like in my previous reference, when trying to intentionally keep things bad it works. We’re not after all watching an art-house film from Scorsese now are we? It’s terrible, it’s beautiful and some of the dialogue will have you dropping your beer.

As for the meat of the film, well Jack is in top form here. People are spliced, diced, exploded, killed with lobsters (yes I did just say that), eye gouged, bitten and then there are the…snowballs. Yes, once again (for those who are hard of hearing) I said snowballs. Imagine this for a moment if you will, Troma films decide to make a feature about a beautiful Caribbean island. This island is infected with a cross-breed of Gremlins, Critters and snowballs. In a truly hilarious moment Jack gives ‘birth’ to hundreds of little snowballs, all complete with little eyes, silly voices and murderous intent. If you can relax and not take yourself too seriously and if you love low budget films that are so bad they are good, then you will surely love this bonkers sequel to an already bonkers original film.

If you always wanted a pet Gizmo as a kid, you sure as hell will want one of these snowballs! Brilliant stuff, it really is. And if you can’t find humour in something like that you really need to learn to chill out (heh…chill out…get it?). Anyway these little blighters cause chaos of their own and the inventive ways our hero’s try to kill these too borders on slapstick. Overall this a truly terrible film but please do not let that put you off. A B-movie that laughs at itself with a writer and director that is just a maniacal genius who throws all the stereotypes into the mix. Highly recommended for a night of fun (especially if you have been drinking) and do, do do watch the end credits for a ridiculous scene involving two Japanese fishermen and a giant carrot.


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