Krampus: The Christmas Devil (2013)

Director: Jason Hull
Writer: Jason Hull
Stars: Jay Dobyns, Paul Ferm, Andrew Ferrick

A simple story about a troubled cop (Leslie) searching for the man who kidnapped him as a child. From there it all kind of goes south. Now this is a bad film, very bad. Its redeeming quality (albeit small) is…it is funny.

Krampus (as we all know is Santa’s evil brother) is going around a small town (why this town is beyond me) kidnapping and murdering naughty children. Even a harmless activity such as having a strop in the middle of a board game will alert Krampus to your inherent evil and force him to come a looking for you. (note to kids, best behave, or else).

Amongst the ridiculous acting, script, audio, and well….pretty much everything really, we also have a serial killer plot (don’t ask). One of the funniest moments of the film is actually from Santa himself (Ferm), who is barely in the film. Add in a disastrously bad slow motion bar fight scene, a serious WTF moment involving Krampus and his penchant for tied up naughty half-naked girls and you have to wonder just what the hell was going through the writers mind.

A very bad film, elevated slightly by the complete craziness of it and some genuine (not sure if intentional) humour. And guess what folks? Yes, there’s a sequel coming late 2016…you can be sure we will endeavour to watch, laugh and review this new gem for your enjoyment (so you don’t have to lol). One for lovers of low budget horror, or a drunk film night with your mates.


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