Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife (2014)

Director: Scott Foley
Writer: Scott Foley
Stars: Patrick Wilson, Donald Faison, Scott Foley, Amy Acker, Marika Dominczyk

I have to admit the draw to this one was Wilson and Faison. Add in that siblings and family members of Wilson make up a lot of the extra cast, it looked like it could be a little gem. And boy was I right. The film has gotten a lot of negative reviews (for its misogyny) which I really don’t get. Or maybe they don’t get the film. Or maybe a lot of people just have no sense of humour? Maybe a combination of all three.

The films premise is that Ward (played brilliantly by Faison of Scrubs fame) is married to the wife from hell. Everyone hates her, including our poor downtrodden Ward. Ward has three best friends, who jokingly chat about killing his wife one afternoon while playing golf. David (played brilliantly dark and suitably manic by Wilson) searches on the net about how to get away with murder, purely for research and education purposes you understand!

During a party, one of Ward’s friends Tom (played by Foley, who also wrote the script) murders Ward’s wife in a panic (which is terribly dark and funny). The others soon arrive at the scene and in a brilliant moment of crazy surrealism, they all agree to help cover it up…including Ward himself. From here the film gets darker, funnier and more bizarre by the minute. This is not a comedy full of belly laughs (though there are some laugh out loud moments), but more of a dark and subtle humour.

With a killer script, great acting (and over-acting), good photography and a film that is constantly ‘on the go’, if you like your comedy very dark and a little crazy, this is a surefire winner. Highly recommended!


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