Lost and Found (Tian ya hai jiao) (1996)

Director: Chi-Ngai Lee
Writer: Chi-Ngai Lee
Stars: Takeshi Kaneshiro, Kelly Chen, Michael Wong

As a self-confessed kaneshiro fan, even I found this one difficult to really enjoy. Kaneshiro plays a simple, endearing and joyful guy who finds lost things for people. He is as always, upbeat and charismatic which lends a lot of presence to this film. However, Kelly Chen is not at her finest here as the daughter of a rich shipyard owner coming to terms with being diagnosed with cancer.

The two meet early in the film, and Mr. Worm (Kaneshiro) agrees to help find something that Chai Lam (Chen) has lost. In this case the lost item being a sailor called Ted (Brilliantly played by Wong). This takes them from China all the way to Scotland, with other assorted characters and ‘lost & found’ cases filling up the background.

The film is more perhaps about the relationship between Worm and Lam than anything lost and found. Her growing up and finding herself than anything else. It’s a lovely film with a nice soundtrack and some fantastic locations with equal amounts of humour, drama and sadness. Their are times where it slows down, and some parts seem to have been inserted just for the sake of it. I did enjoy the film, but I didn’t love it. Perhaps one purely for the Kaneshiro fans.


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