Oranges and Sunshine (2010)

Director: Jim Loach
Stars: Emily Watson, Aisling Loftus, Stuart Wolfenden

Ok this is a tough one to review. Not because it’s a bad film or anything as such, but because of its content matter. Caught this on Netflix and thought it looked interesting. Knew nothing about it, or its factual subject matter. The film starts in Nottingham in the mid 80’s with Humphreys (Watson, in perhaps her best role to date) as a British social worker taking a child away from its mother, for the best interests of the child. This scene is key to what follows.

What does follow (and I’m not going to go into it here at all) is the discovery by Humphreys of the systematic and organised mass deportation of British children to the colonies in the mid 50’s to date. It really is a film you need to watch, not only is it well directed, it is superbly acted by all concerned, especially from Weaving and Wenham as now grown up men who were sent overseas as children. This film is actually based on Humphrey’s own book regarding the events so I will assume it is mostly factual. The term ignorance is bliss can perhaps be applied here, as when you find out some of the atrocities your own governments have covered up, along with the consequences of said actions, it truly is horrifying.

Margaret Humphreys received numerous awards for her perseverance and hard work in getting families back together and uncovering this scandal. I for one can only commend her for it. Such things should never have happened. Powerful, thought provoking and tragic. Well worth watching.

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