Splatter (2009)

Director: Joe Dante
Writer: Richard Christian Matheson
Stars: Corey Feldman, Mark Alan, Tony Todd

What could go wrong when you have Joe Dante (Piranha, Gremlins, Burbs) directing, Roger Corman (the B-movie king) producing and actors like Feldman and Todd (Candyman) in your cast? Well quite a lot it would seem for this strange little production.

What was originally to be (I believe) a set of webisodes where the viewers could vote on the fate of the cast, it appears that eventually for one reason or another we just ended up with this twenty nine minute short. And what an interesting and low-budget twenty nine minutes we get. Whether or not there is more footage still existing or everything was scrapped and this short was edited together we may never know.

I’m sure none of this was being taken seriously, and that Corman and Dante intended to try and make some bad looking, little cult b-movie feel production. They certainly succeeded, though whether it was intended or not is another thing entirely. The acting is passable from Todd and Erin Way but the rest are forgettable. With regards to Feldman, he’s quite manic here in a crazy, hammy kind of way, so hard to really rate his performance.

Anyway, poor washed up has-been Johnny Splatter records himself blowing his brains out and we are then presented with five assorted people who all knew and betrayed Johnny who have come to his home to pay their last respects and also find out what Johnny has left them. Little do they know what Johnny now has in store for them once locked inside.

There are some nice effects here, and also some truly terrible ones. Given all who were involved in this, it’s difficult to understand how it turned out so bad. I can only presume that the original vision was probably quite different, but in editing certain bits together in order to release this short, a lot has got lost somewhere. Though that certainly does not excuse a lot of the issues. One for fans of Feldman only or those interested in little cult oddities.


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