Stitches (2012)

Director: Conor McMahon
Writers: Conor McMahon, David O’Brien
Stars: Ross Noble, Tommy Knight, Eoghan McQuinn

Stitches (perfectly played by Noble) is a miserable, angry and inept and just plain unfunny clown.  One day at a birthday party he is accidentally killed (in a ridiculously funny manner).  Years later the repressed Tom (Knight) has another birthday party (kids huh…never learn) and Stitches comes back from the dead (resurrected by the secret clown cult) to wreak havoc on the teenagers and avenge his wrongful death.  Guessed where this is going yet?  I sure hope so lol.

In some truly hilarious moments, Stitches then proceeds to off, splice, dice and maim the kids in the most crazy and ridiculous ways possible.  The humour and gore is in your face, slapstick, dark and just downright crazy.  Only Noble could get away with it, and get away with it he does.  He is just perfect as the crazed, avenging killer clown.

If you’re into your slasher films, especially if you like them comical at the same time, then this is sure to please you.  Does it have Oscar-worthy acting, dialogue and effects?  No, but it does have a ‘killer’ script and this low budget Irish film sure is fun!  Seek it out and leave your brain at the door.


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