The Apparition (2012)

Director: Todd Lincoln
Writer: Todd Lincoln
Stars: Ashley Greene, Sebastian Stan, Tom Felton

Hmmmm…..ghostly goings on somewhere no one really cares about. For the second time today, a film with a decent premise which starts out interestingly enough fails to reach it’s heights and peters out with a whimper.

We start off with some old footage of an experiment where six college fools try to summon a spirit. Well seems (as we find out) they succeeded. Fast-forward to present day in a ridiculous Harry-Potter moment and we witness Patrick (a wasted Felton) and side-kick rushing to a secret basement to….yup…perform the exact same experiment with more fools. Cue ghostly shenanigans and disappearances and the scene is set for the rest of the movie.

Only, it isn’t really, as we then waste time getting to know Kelly (Greene) and useless hero Ben (Stan) living their mundane lives. Pretty soon weird things start happening around the house and Ben comes to the conclusion that perhaps something is amiss. Does he do the honourable thing and tell his girlfriend? Of course he doesn’t! Secretly checking his emails and phone, it seems that Malfoy, I mean Patrick continued with the experiment and unleashed the gates of hell onto our world, our more specifically, just the fools who were involved at any time.

And I’ll leave the rest for you good folks. Ben is completely unlikable, Kelly just whines, though when Greene’s acting is perhaps the best, that says something. Malfoy…I mean Felton is completely wasted and is barely in the film. Surely he can get better gigs than rubbish like this? If you’re bored on a rainy Sunday afternoon then check it out, but there are much better films in the genre around.


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