Tumbling Doll of Flesh (Niku daruma) (1998)

Director: Tamakichi Anaru
Writer: Tamakichi Anaru
Stars: Kanako Ooba, Kikurin, Tamakichi Anaru

I do actively seek out shock films, not sure if over the years I’ve just seen everything there is to see or not, and some may say that thrill-seekers etc will always move onto more extreme etc. This can be said about many things in life and while I accept in some cases this can be true, I believe it’s a very small percentage and that the majority know right from wrong and have a firm grasp between fantasy and reality. What one may like watching has little to do with what they would personally do. It’s a fictional piece at the end of the day and everyone should be allowed to watch what they want within the legal boundaries of things. What is perhaps more worrying, is that there is even a market for this low-budget rubbish.

Also known as: Psycho: The Snuff Reels, here we have a hardcore pseudo-snuff film from Japan. Now the first thing that hits you is the absurdity of the fact that it is pixelated (sure we’re all aware of japan’s laws by now). It kind of makes a mockery of what they were trying to achieve straight away. Now this may be terribly misogynistic of me, but the lead actress is not even worth watching this trash porn-horror for. The ‘acting’ is truly horrendous, even by low-budget porn standards. I think the acting in the Invoked was possibly better than this.

The plot is completely non-existent (though the basic plot is girl applies for porn job, eventually ends in her murder and dismemberment). There is a very long build-up….nothing much happens, lots of talking (and no subs for this, not that they are really needed anyway) and some very lame sex scenes. After approximately twenty-five minutes, the only interesting thing caught on camera in this reviewers opinion was a Mitsubishi GT in a car park

After another lame sex scene the girl tries to leave and is promptly hit over the head with a baseball bat. Up to this point it is always incredibly boring. Some truly bad effects follow (along with more pixelation) and the actual ‘snuff’ takes place with other crazy/sick things. Now while the notion of what they are doing is horrific, unfortunately the effects don’t match and are in most cases laughable. If this kind of thing interests you, stick to The Flowers of Flesh and Blood, it is much better filmed and the effects are far better. Save your time and forget this one.


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