Warlords of Atlantis (1978)

Director: Kevin Connor
Writer: Brian Hayles (screenplay)
Stars: Doug McClure, Peter Gilmore, Shane Rimmer

Doug McClure returns as every female slaves dream hunk in yet more seventies z-movie fun. This time along he brings with him ‘Carry On’ luminary Peter Gilmore for the ride. We also get to see a young John Ratzenberger (before his fame in Cheers). Even the lovely Cyd Charisse makes an appearance (though quite why she agreed to this rubbish is beyond me).

Out at sea a boat is carrying an unusual looking metal submersible pod. Professor Aitkin (Bisset) and his son Charles (Gilmore) are looking for something but seem unwilling to let on what exactly. Greg Collinson (McClure) is the man who designed the pod and who will control it. He will be taking Charles down to do his research while they stay in contact with the professor up on deck. The captain of the boat, is naturally uneasy about the journey.

The next morning after much murmuring from the boats crew, Collinson and Charles are lowered into the sea to descend into the murky depths of the unknown. The pods spherical design with an open bottom trapping air inside enabling them to breath. But don’t worry, good ole McClure has a back up if needed! They are soon attacked by an Anthiardopopous. You know you haven’t lived until you’ve seen one, and when you have you don’t really want to anymore. Anyway, our intrepid adventurers soon come across a golden statue on the sea floor. This is is when the trouble starts for Collinson, Charles and the rest of the crew.

Now then, there is so much silliness in this feature that it’s difficult to keep a straight face for long. Regardless, The effects are actually half reasonable in this one but the script, dialogue and acting all leaves much to be desired unfortunately. Lea Brodie as the token slave girl come buxom love interest does her best but she really doesn’t have a great deal to do nor the screen-time in which to do it. Certainly no Welch or Munro. The sets and locations however are quite good and I love the futuristic, clean look they gave the inside of Atlantis.

There are also plenty of things to just question, then immediately forget and put down to movie magic, such as how does Atlantis get any sunlight? Why were the crew not drowned while being dragged to Atlantis by the octopus? Why did someone think this whole film would be a good idea?

Overall this is not a bad little ‘lost world’ adventure flick with McClure but it’s far away from being one of the better ones made in this decade. Good silly fun though for those who haven’t seen these or those wanting some nostalgia to a time when we were all a little younger and these features kept us fascinated.


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