Werewolf Woman (La lupa mannara) (1976)

Director: Rino Di Silvestro (as R.D. Silver)
Writers: Rino Di Silvestro, Anthony La Penna (English dialogue)
Stars: Annik Borel, Howard Ross, Dagmar Lassander

When is a werewolf film not a werewolf film? When it’s a classic Italian seventies exploitation soft-core horror!

Now we have got that out of the way, our review. As a lover of all things horror, Italian, seventies and exploitation this film was a bit of a miss with us. A young woman (Borel, playing her part with plenty of enthusiasm) begins to have dreams about being linked to/being a werewolf, or part of a hundreds year old lycanthrope family and killing a man. Her sisters fiance (who looks surprisingly like the man in her dream) ends up getting the chow down on his neck from Borel.

Sent to an institution, things start to get messy (in more ways than one)….where Borel kills a patient, escapes…kills again…falls in love…is raped…and at this point the film tends to be all over the place.

Is this an exploitation revenge film…soft-core flick…horror…drama….I’m not personally sure but by the end of all this madness Borel is almost feral after living in the woods. All in all a bit of mess in my opinion, and certainly not one for ‘werewolf’ fans…as this is not your usual werewolf film for sure.

Italian, horror, nudity, gore, low-budget…one should know what to expect by now, and I’m sure had I been able to watch it when it was released my opinion and rating might have been different, but for now, this film misses the mark.


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