Would You Rather (2012)

Director: David Guy Levy
Stars: Brittany Snow, June Squibb, Jeffrey Combs

This was a curious little film. The immediate draw was naturally Combs, but Sasha Grey in her first real feature film (after quitting the adult industry) also added to the intrigue. Brittany snow is a reasonable enough actress also as the lead of the film so it looked like it might be a hidden gem.

Iris (Snow) is struggling. Jobless and desperate, she is also looking after her sick brother (who needs a life-saving operation). Iris is at the end of her tether and unsure how to proceed. Upon speaking to her Doctor, she gets a chance meeting with the wealthy philanthropist Lambrick (downplayed here by Combs). He offers her a once in a lifetime opportunity to earn the money to pay for her brothers operation by competing in a special game.

Upon arriving back home, Iris, at a dead-end in both her life and situation makes the call and agrees. She arrives at Lambrick’s mansion with numerous other guests. We quickly find out that Lambrick is a bit of a twisted psychopath and the game in question is called Would You Rather. They are all explicitly told that no one is allowed to leave (though people still try of course) until the game is complete. Lambrick’s personal staff will shoot you if you do try to leave.

Would you rather is the only actual question of the game. Lambrick reveals that each participant will be asked, would you rather do one thing or the other. The downside to this twisted game is that your choices involve inflicting pain on yourself, or one of the other participants. And each round of the game gets progressively more dangerous. The winner will leave with the money and no questions will be asked by either party. Now while not hugely original, it’s not a bad story.

Unfortunately, the suspense never really hits any great heights and most of the characters actions are obvious enough to see a mile away. The sets are reasonable given the budget but the script is lacking in my opinion. The acting from all involved is acceptable (even from Grey) but ultimately the film fails to deliver its intended shocks and thrills.


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